The many benefits of staying hydrated

Are you drinking enough water? Do you find it difficult to up your intake from one or two small glasses? This could be due to: #1. You don’t like the taste #2. Too many trips to the toilet #3. You’re too busy and forget   Do you need motivating to […] Read more »

Does your health insurance plan pay?

For many years now some of the larger companies and organisations in the UK have made available health insurance plans and policies to their employees. Either paying for these plans outright or making a joint contribution to them with their employees. Often, health insurance plans are incorporated as part of […] Read more »

How can reflexology help manage stress levels?

Reflexology is an ancient art dating back thousands of years. It was first practised by the Indian, Chinese and Egyptian peoples. Reflexology works on the principle that all organs and glands of the body are represented by reflex points on the feet, hands and face. By applying pressure to these […] Read more »

How to survive the school holidays

Schools break up for their annual 6 weeks’ holidays and whether you’re a stay-at-home or a working parent there are going to be changes to your routine and for your children too. This period can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here are 5 tips that will help you prepare yourself […] Read more »

Coaching and Coaxing the Clutter Away

What problems clutter can cause As simplistic as it may sound, too much clutter in your life can be a symptom – and also a cause – of stress. As the saying goes, “Tidy house, tidy mind”. Being surrounded by disorganised piles of papers, to-do lists, things you have hoarded […] Read more »

Caring for yourself when caring for others

Do you find it difficult to carve time out of your busy day for yourself? Are you constantly putting the needs of others before your own? At the end of each day do you fall into bed feeling drained and exhausted hoping that you will have more energy tomorrow but […] Read more »

Are you mindful or is your mind full?

Over recent months the words mindful and mindfulness have become buzz words and we are being advised to be mindful and live in a more mindful way, but what does it mean? The Cambridge English Dictionary describes mindfulness as …. the practice of being aware of your body, mind and […] Read more »