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Have you got questions you’d like to ask a therapist before working with them that you’re afraid to ask or you forget to ask? If so, you’re not alone.

To help you, here are answers to just some of the questions I’ve been asked over the years.

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Yes. Reflexology can be used throughout pregnancy for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Yes. During a treatment, reflex points to calm and balance your nervous system are stimulated. Gentle pressure is applied to the diaphragm and solar plexus to promote relaxation.

By applying gentle pressure to stimulate reflex points in the hands, feet, face or ears, the therapist encourages the body to deeply relax, which activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

For a 55-minute one-off reflexology treatment, your investment is £65.

For a course of 3 reflexology treatments, your investment is £180.

Reflexology on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands, feet, face, and ears that correspond to all organs and body systems. By stimulating these reflex points your body can start to activate its own healing systems.

Everyone’s’ experience is different however, during your treatment expect to feel deeply calm and relaxed both mentally and physically. After your treatment expect to feel a level of relaxation, calmness, to feel mentally alert and focused.

It is well documented that many diseases are borne out of the body’s response to stress. Reflexology rebalances your body systems and promotes inner calm which allows your body to use its own healing systems to promote mental and physical wellness.

Initially, a course of 6 treatments is advisable if you have a specific issue. After these 6 or for ongoing maintenance, monthly treatments provide a wonderful way to recharge and feel mental, emotional and physical energised and healthy.

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works on the principle that everything is energy, including the universe. Practitioners have been attuned to receive and transfer universal energy to the person they are working with.

Yes. By having a calming and relaxing influence on the mind Reiki helps to reduce anxiety. Many studies have been done that show a reduction in feelings of anxiety after having a Reiki treatment.

For a 40-minute distant healing treatment, your investment is £50

For a 55-minute one-off in-person treatment, your investment is £65

For a course of three in-person treatments, your investment is £180.

I offer in-person treatments of reiki at Middleton Hall Courtyard. B78 2AE (by appointment only).

Initially, a course of 6 treatments is advisable if you have a specific issue. After these 6 or for ongoing maintenance, monthly treatments provide a terrific way to recharge and feel mental, emotional, and physical energised healthy.

Yes. I offer distant Reiki. This is when you prepare yourself as you would for an in-person treatment but in your own home or a location of your choice, and I send Reiki energy to you.

The Japanese word Reiki is pronounced ‘ray-key’ and means universal life energy. “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life force energy).

The form of Reiki that is practised in the UK today was developed for the teachings of Dr Mikao Usui from Japan. He set up a healing clinic in Japan in 1922.

You lye or sit in a comfortable position, relaxing with your eyes closed. I place my hands on, or just above your body. I draw on universal energy and channel it to you.

Reiki works on various levels; emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental. When Reiki doesn’t have the desired effect, it’s because the Reiki is working on a different level to the one you are expecting it to.

Meditation is the ability to quiet your mind to enable you to become aware of your thoughts and have present-moment awareness.

Meditating promotes feelings of peace and calm; mentally, emotionally, and physically. This helps you to reduce your stress and anxiety levels and focus your thoughts. Meditation can also help to manage some medical symptoms.

Yes. By helping to calm and focus your mind, meditation can help you to reduce, and more importantly, manage your anxiety levels.

Meditation helps you to relax mentally and emotionally thereby reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. It helps to focus your mind, increase self-awareness, induce positive thoughts and feelings which all promote feelings of wellbeing.

Meditation helps to create a balance between the two sides of our brain. The left (thinking, doing, talking) side of our brain and the right (emotional, being, listening, relaxed) side of our brain.

Mindfulness meditation is commonly used to help reduce and manage anxiety levels. Mindfulness meditation requires you to put your attention on a particular thing, in a particular way and without judgment.

Yes. Meditation relaxes the mind and slows down your fast-paced beta brain waves (the thinking mind) allowing your slower-paced alpha brain waves (the relaxing mind) to switch on. When your mind is relaxed you are more likely to fall asleep.

When stressed our body and mind are on high alert and in flight or fight mode. Too much time in this state is not good for our mental and physical health. Meditation helps to return us to the rest and digest state, helping us to remain calm and in control when we are not experiencing a life-threatening situation.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Clothes that are loose and casual will allow you to relax on the treatment couch or in the reflexology chair without feeling restricted by them.

For reiki and reflexology, yes. All that you will remove are your shoes and socks. For massage treatments, you will be asked to remove clothes only from the area that is to be worked on.

An hour or so before your treatment it’s a good idea to have something to eat (but not a heavy meal and no alcohol). A glass of water before your treatment would be good too. For hygiene purposes, please arrive with clean hands, feet and clothes.

At your first consultation, I will ask you some questions about your current health, medical history and general lifestyle. I will use this information to help build up a picture of you and use this (and your preference) to decide which treatments will be best for you.

Each treatment session lasts 55 mins. This is split between the treatment itself and discussions before and after your treatment. Some people enjoy a 50/50 split whilst others prefer to have 45 minutes hands-on. How you feel when you arrive usually dictates the split.

Yes, of course. However, during your treatment, you may feel sleepy. Many clients take this opportunity to relax mentally and physically and some even fall asleep, which is also allowed.

Yes. This option is available when you book a Course of Treatments. Treatments available are reflexology, reiki, therapeutic massage and meditation. At the start of your 55-minute treatment session, we will decide which treatment is best for you today.

This will depend on what you want to achieve and what support you need. If you have specific concerns, then a Course of Treatments with a tailored programme for a specific outcome may be for you. If you are looking for more of a maintenance programme, then once a month may be all you need. All this can be discussed at or before your first treatment.

My treatments help to balance the body and promote self-healing. As we are all different, we will all react differently to treatments. However, clients say they generally feel relaxed and calm or often they say they feel a lot healthier and they have a more positive and optimistic outlook on life. Take a look at the results others have experienced.

You may feel tired, energised, calm, peaceful or experience less physical discomfort. We’re all different, so how you feel is right for you. Many clients say that they slept well the night after their treatment. Following each treatment, to help you get the most out of the session, aftercare advice will be given which always includes drinking more water as this helps the detoxification process.

All these treatments have the remarkable ability to induce mental, emotional and physical relaxation. Therefore, they will help to relieve stress, anxiety and tension, which in turn will help with the management of stress-related conditions. With an estimated 75% of all illnesses being stress-related these treatments can help to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Like all reflexologists, reiki practitioners and complementary therapists, I will never diagnose medical conditions. During your treatment congestion or imbalances may be detected but to diagnosis is beyond any therapists’ training. I can however offer my opinions, but I will always advise that you contact a medical expert or your GP.

Your treatment should never hurt. During reflexology, you may feel some discomfort if an area is congested or out of balance. The pressure used during reflexology means that it is not ticklish. If you are concerned about foot reflexology, facial reflexology may be an option for you. Massage is firm but gentle and within your comfort zone.

This will depend on whether you book a one-off treatment or a Course of Treatments. For a one-off treatment, your investment is £65. For a Course of Treatments, your investment can be as little as £60 per session.

Contact me (Sharon) on 07751 942234 or email me at

I work from a dedicated treatment venue at Middleton Hall Courtyard (by appointment only). If you are unable to leave your home, a home visit in or around Tamworth, Coleshill, Middleton or Sutton Coldfield can be discussed. Travel costs will be added for each visit made.

If you see a workshop that you would like to attend, just use the link in that post to book on. Or you can email me at

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