working with carers | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

Working with Carers

When you are caring 24/7 it can be difficult to get some time to yourself – time to rest, relax and recharge. For over 17 years I’ve been providing on-site treatments for care organisations in the form of half or full-day relaxation events. These organisations provide support to people who care for loved ones at …

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Reiki for new moms | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

Reiki for overwhelmed new mums

Reiki is a lovely treatment and could be the perfect treatment for a mum-to-be or a new mum if she’s feeling a little anxious, stressed, depressed or overwhelmed. These feelings can come up at any time – pre-birth, during pregnancy or post-delivery and many women find reiki deeply relaxing and calming for themselves and their …

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Complete Harmony | How Can I Reduce My Stress & Anxiety Levels? | Sharon Taylor | Corporate Reflexology & Reiki

How can I reduce my stress and anxiety levels?

I am passionate about helping people to live their life with less stress. Empowering them to find ways to reduce their stress and anxiety levels is what I love doing. Over the past 15 years whilst working as a complementary therapist I have worked with hundreds of people from different walks of life and the main …

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distant reiki treatment | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

What is Distant Reiki?

If you’ve had an in-person Reiki treatment with me, you’ll know how relaxing it is and how energised and calm you feel after it. My treatment rooms are all designed to give you a relaxing atmosphere to have your treatment in. As you lie on my couch, I link up with the Reiki energy and …

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distant reiki treatment | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

7 Benefits of a Distant Reiki Treatment

The word Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”. Reiki is an excellent gentle, non-intrusive treatment for reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed. It has the remarkable ability to induce rest, relaxation and to promote healing. It is spiritual in nature but it’s not a religion and will work …

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Reiki | Complete Harmony | Sharon Taylor

Why would you have a Reiki treatment?

Are you looking for a way to de-stress, reduce pain, or gain some focus and clarity in these uncertain times? Many people who choose to have a reiki treatment know the benefits of having this treatment. They tell me that when they are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or frazzled, the treatment helps to restore a level …

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how to be proactive for better health | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

How to be proactive for better health

Three of the most common causes of stress are; work, relationships and money. As these affect us all, it stands to reason that we all need to be more proactive in reducing and managing our stress and anxiety levels. For many years complementary therapies were viewed as pampering treatments to have as a treat. More …

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How to Reduce Workplace Stress | Workplace Wellbeing Programme | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

Workplace Wellness

Now available online too! To support your staff, colleagues or you, I can visit your workplace to provide hands-on treatments or provide support online. Stress (emotional and physical) in the workplace is now more common and has been well documented. Stress in the workplace can be very disruptive not only to the working environment but also …

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