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It’s always lovely to hear how clients have benefited from working with me. It’s great too when they are happy to share their results throught a testimonial. Here’s what some clients have to say.

Treatment Course Testimonials


Following a difficult 2 years, I was feeling frazzled, stressed and anxious and I knew I needed to make some changes. Previously, having one-off treatments elsewhere, I had experienced a quick fix and then felt stressed again. My course of treatments with Sharon helped me to feel better for longer. My overthinking has reduced and I’m more mindful about addressing my needs. I’m now more relaxed and less frazzled, stressed and anxious, and I’m dealing with stressful situations better. I’m looking forward to continuing to benefit from more treatments with Sharon.  Emma, Tamworth

I first went to see Sharon when I was having constant back and shoulder pains. I had massage treatments to my head/shoulders and my back which has resulted in me having less stiffness in my shoulders and less pain in my back. I’ve now moved onto having regular reflexology treatments which are helping to reduce my illogical reactions to daily stress. Since having treatments I’ve noticed that I now have a more open attitude towards leaving things to deal with instead of the desperate need to attend to them immediately. I’m finding a weekly treatment keeps the wolves at bay and enables me to approach challenges with more optimism.
Nigel, Tamworth

I first visited Sharon for treatments back in 2015. Recently, when I started feeling anxious and in need of help relaxing I contacted Sharon again. I booked 3 treatments over six weeks which really helped. After my reiki sessions I felt more relaxed and peaceful. Not just immediately after the sessions but later too. I’m now feeling mentally relaxed, less anxious, stronger emotionally and more able to deal with potential issues. Mindfulness is a technique I’m now using to help reduce my overthinking. I’ve also booked in to have monthly treatments with Sharon as I feel this will help to maintain my now reduced anxiety levels.
Natalie, Warwick

When I contacted Sharon I wanted help relaxing, improvement in my posture and to have more self-confidence. Massage treatments to my shoulders, neck and feet were suggested which have had a calming effect on my whole body. Regular treatments have helped to improve my posture and I am now walking taller and feel much more confident. I’m now feeling mentally relaxed and less anxious which helps me to cope better with everyday life. Having regular treatments has encouraged me to adopt a healthier diet, a much calmer lifestyle and I now make time for other relaxing therapies. Others have noticed a calmer, more confident me and I’m sleeping much better. I would highly recommend a course of treatments with Sharon.

Jonathan, Tamworth

I booked in with Sharon for reiki and reflexology as I am a busy business owner and mom in need of some serious relaxation and rest! Sharon has healing hands!! The treatments are relaxing and completely rejuvenating. I now book in with Sharon monthly, as it keeps me in the right frame of mind and ensures I give myself the time out I need, so that all my ‘to-do lists’ get done in the most effective way possible.

Clare, Sutton Coldfield

I first went to see Sharon at the end of 2015 when going through a pretty traumatic time. My reflexology sessions have been a wonderful tonic, making me feel both refreshed and relaxed. The cottage healing centre is a wonderful old building full of character and the perfect place to have a treatment. Sharon is calm, easy to open up to and helps me to deeply relax. Regular treatments have helped me so much and I look forward to every one. Thank you Sharon.

Joanne, Tamworth

I have been receiving reiki from Sharon for some time now. I am always met with a warm sincere welcome and am put at ease immediately. As soon as the treatment begins I feel an overwhelming sense of peace, calmness and relaxation. Although the treatment and time with Sharon is extremely relaxing it is afterwards that I feel the true benefit. It amazes me how the reiki can make such a huge difference to my life. My mind is uplifted and I feel more positive as well as a continued feeling of calmness, job related aches and pains not relieved by pain relief are improved or eased totally and I feel I am able to deal with stress better. There is no rush after my reiki treatment and it is great to be able to discuss and receive advice and information on ways I can improve my own health and wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Sharon.

Claire, Coventry

When I decided to have a course of treatments I was suffering with stress and felt stuck in my life, unable to make decisions. I found my reflexology treatments to be very relaxing. After completing my course of treatments I now feel calmer, less stressed and mentally relaxed. My course of treatments has definitely had a positive effect on me as I now don’t overthink things so much, I have more self-confidence and I’m feeling more positive. I have also noticed the change in how others respond to me and how calmer they are too. I would highly recommend a course of treatments with Sharon.

Sharon, Tamworth

A close friend had recommended Complete Harmony to me and actually booked my 3 sessions with Sharon. I was a bit worried about going as suffering with anxiety but Sharon was lovely – made me feel at home and comfortable. I had 3 sessions with Sharon and felt better after each visit it was so relaxing and calm. I had reflexology and reiki. I would highly recommend Complete Harmony and will be going back for some me-time.

Charlene, Birmingham

When I decided to start having regular treatments with Sharon I was looking for some stress relief and ways of improving my sleep. I booked a course of weekly treatments over 12 weeks. My course started with reiki and guided meditation then a few weeks later facial reflexology was added which I found so relaxing. Since having regular treatments I’m now able to deal with stress better, I’m enjoying better sleep and I’m devoting time to myself for relaxation. I now feel better prepared when dealing with stressful situations and I’m also spending time meditating.

Heather, Tamworth

As a sporty person and a sports massage therapist myself I know when I’m getting a good massage treatment or not. Sharon’s Bamboo Fusion treatment was just fantastic, from the thorough treatment itself to the instant relaxed feeling of my muscles as soon as I got up off the couch. Highly recommended.

Linda, Cannock

Sharon is a highly skilled holistic therapist. As soon as I met her I knew I had to book into her clinic. She made me feel relaxed & welcome. The treatments are outstanding & my self care regime has just stepped up a gear, We all need to be at the top of our own to do lists. I can highly recommend Sharon to help you stay there once you’ve started. Debbie, Sutton Coldfield

One-off Treatment Testimonials

I had my first reiki treatment with Sharon last week and it honestly left me feeling so relaxed. Sharon is warm and welcoming and completely put me at ease! I left my treatment floating on cloud 9! I will look forward to enjoying many more treatments with Sharon in the future!
Sarah, Tamworth

Sharon sent me some reiki as I had a big university interview. It helped so much – all day I was calm & focused, whereas normally I would be a nervous wreck! I’m ever so grateful to Sharon & would highly recommend her holistic treatments . Danielle, Tamworth

My lovely sister is spending some time with me and yesterday we had a visit from the wonderful Sharon Taylor who gave us both an absolutely beautiful and relaxing massage each following a thorough consultation. I can’t remember receiving a better treatment. I felt amazing. Thank you Sharon for bringing your very special energy into my home and my life.
Jacky, Kenilworth

First reflexology session with Sharon. Very professional, friendly and made me feel at ease. Thoroughly relaxing experience. Would definitely recommend to all. Thanks Sharon. Hope to see you soon for more treatments.
Karen, Tamworth

Thank you for releasing my tension.
Janet, Solihull

We both loved our reflexology treatments.
Mr & Mrs Smith, Kenilworth

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Complete Harmony was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I receive is outstanding. I use Sharon regularly and trying out the various range of treatments has been a godsend to my busy and stressful life. I recommend Sharon’s services as a great way of taking time out and help you return to your true self.
Kayla, Tamworth

My first ever facial, Sharon made it a very relaxing and comfortable experience, a real treat.
Joanna, Birmingham

Great for stress relief really enjoyed it really comfortable environment and will be seeing Sharon again 🙂
Tina, Tamworth

After over 30 years of trying different treatments for my thinning hair, a treatment with Sharon was recommended to me. Within a few months my family my hairdressers and I have seen a noticeable improvement in my hair growth. I’m pleased with the progress.

Sue, Knowle

I was treated to a taster reflexology treatment, which was very relaxing. Using various massaging methods on specific points of my feet, it was amazing how effective the treatment was and Sharon certainly helped make deadline day a little less stressful.
Sam, Tamworth

I have been the lucky recipient Reiki from Sharon. It was most certainly the most wonderful experience and Sharon made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the session. I slept incredibly well after my treatment. Thank you Sharon I would recommend your reiki and Reflexology to everyone.
Sue, Knowle

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