Reiki for overwhelmed new mums

Reiki is a lovely treatment and could be the perfect treatment for a mum-to-be or a new mum if she’s feeling a little anxious, stressed, depressed or overwhelmed.

These feelings can come up at any time – pre-birth, during pregnancy or post-delivery and many women find reiki deeply relaxing and calming for themselves and their baby too.

This non-invasive, gentle energy technique works to help release mental, emotional and physical blockages in the body. Reiki promotes and accelerates the body’s own natural healing process and can benefit you on many levels.

During pregnancy and the early days of motherhood, reiki can:-

  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Reduce tiredness
  • Be deeply relaxing
  • Balance mood swings and changes
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Ease physical discomforts
  • Bring about feelings of calmness and peace
  • Balance your emotions and promote positive thinking
  • Induce feelings of self-confidence.

Pregnancy is a major life-changing event that can often bring up buried emotions, fears, or insecurities. As reiki is a holistic treatment and treats the person as a whole, (mind, body and spirit) it can help to release blocked emotions, worries and fears that are no longer serving you.

A mother-to-be gift

A Reiki treatment as a gift at a baby shower is a lovely idea for a mum-to-be. She can use it whilst pregnant or in the early stages of motherhood. It may be just what she needs.

Whether she’s your partner, daughter, sister or a good friend, a course of treatments would be a lovely treat for her. Add in the offer to take care of her baby for a couple of hours and that would be a perfect gift.

About Sharon

Sharon Taylor – Clinical Reflexologist & Reiki Practitioner | Complete Harmony

Sharon lives with her partner, Geoff, in Warwickshire and they have two adult children. She worked for over 25 years in an office environment, gaining qualifications to degree level in finance, business and management. While there she witnessed and experienced many stressful situations and suffered illnesses that were stress-related.

Sharon was advised to make some changes to her lifestyle which included trying complementary therapies. After experiencing the benefits of complementary treatments, she decided to retrain and share her knowledge and experiences to help others recognise and manage their physical and emotional stress and anxiety levels.

Sharon has been working as a complementary therapist for over 17 years now, and she loves helping people to feel uplifted, focused, positive and empowered about their lives.

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