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Working to Help Improve Your Health

I work with you to provide solutions that will help to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Through my 1-2-1 treatments and online programmes, group workshops, and onsite programmes, I help to improve your mental, emotional and physical health for a more productive, happier and healthier life.

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How you can work with me

One-to-One with Sharon

Taking time out from your busy home or work life is a must for continuing health and wellbeing.

Book in with me to mentally & physically relax & re-charge

Workshops & Retreats

Get a group of friends together and choose a workshop where you can learn something new.

Add in lunch and a spa to tailor-make your own retreat.

Carers’ Wellbeing

This programme is designed to support unpaid carers physically and emotionally.

To create a supportive community and reduce feelings of isolation.

Sharon Taylor –

Clinical Reflexologist & Reiki Practitioner Near You!

Sharon is a health and wellness practitioner and works with busy professionals to help them manage their stress and anxiety levels and put their needs on their to-do lists. 

After experiencing workplace stress, anxiety and burnout, Sharon was advised to try holistic therapies to help manage her symptoms. Amazed by her results, Sharon decided to train as a complementary therapist.

Using her many therapy qualifications, her vast life experience and her listening skills, Sharon empowers clients by offering treatments and workshops to help them manage their health and wellness long-term.

When not working Sharon loves spending time with family and friends doing anything that involves eating; she loves an afternoon tea. Trying new crafts and different therapeutic treatments are also high on Sharon’s agenda.

Sharon Taylor – Clinical Reflexologist & Reiki Practitioner

What our clients say

It was most certainly the most wonderful experience

I have been the lucky recipient Reiki from Sharon. It was most certainly the most wonderful experience and Sharon made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the session. I slept incredibly well after my treatment. Thank you Sharon I would recommend your reiki and reflexology to everyone.

Sue, Tamworth

It was amazing how effective the treatment

I was treated to a taster reflexology treatment, which was very relaxing. Using various massaging methods on specific points of my feet, it was amazing how effective the treatment was and Sharon certainly helped make deadline day a little less stressful.

Sam, Tamworth

I have seen a noticeable improvement in my hair growth

After over 30 years of trying different treatments for my thinning hair, a treatment with Sharon was recommended to me. Within a few months my family my hairdressers and I have seen a noticeable improvement in my hair growth. I’m pleased with the progress.

Sue, Solihull

Great for stress relief

Great for stress relief really enjoyed it really comfortable environment and will be seeing Sharon again 🙂


Sharon made it a very relaxing

My first ever facial, Sharon made it a very relaxing and comfortable experience, a real treat.

Joanna, Tamworth

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