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Courses of Treatments

Treatment Courses include a choice of treatments plus lifestyle advice.

Having a one-off treatment with me as a gift or to treat yourself is great, but I am known for the results my clients get from booking a course of treatments with me.

Delivered over three months your treatment course will provide you with a personalised approach to addressing feelings that have resulted in physical, mental or emotional stress, anxiety, low mood or feeling overwhelmed.

It’s Good To Talk

I believe it’s good to talk and it’s also good to take positive action in the right direction. Depending on the course you choose your session will include:

  • time to discuss your situation since your last treatment
  • your treatment
  • lifestyle tips, advice or techniques for you to use between treatment sessions.

Tailored Treatment

If you have an ongoing health condition that is made worse when you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, a course of treatments can be discussed and designed for your specific needs.

Of the many treatment modalities that I have trained in and am qualified to deliver, I have chosen to specialise and focus on Reiki, reflexology and meditation because I find they work well together and more than one can be included in a treatment session.

Managing stress and overwhelm

This course is for you if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, isolated or alone.
You are struggling to make changes and move forward on your own and need help, guidance, support and accountability to do so.

This course is for you if you would benefit from one-to-one sessions that focused on bespoke strategies to help you move forward.


What’s included:

Seven online sessions for planning, learning and practicing strategies and self-help techniques to help you make sustainable changes.

See more information below

Managing life changes

This course is for you if, through ill health, a life-changing event or an increased workload, you need some help managing your physical and mental stress and anxiety levels.

This course is for you if you need relaxing treatments and strategies to help you get back on track.


What’s included:

Two hands-on or online sessions – Reiki, reflexology or meditation

To help reduce physical discomfort & promote mental & emotional clarity.

Three online sessions to plan and review your progress & teach you self-help techniques to use at home

Relax, De-stress and Recharge

This course is for you if you have a busy lifestyle or you are a busy entrepreneur or professional, and you are aware of the importance of taking time out on a regular basis to de-stress & recharge.

This course will help you to maintain the progress you’ve already made on my previous courses or you can book it as your monthly self-care session.


What’s included:

Three hands-on sessions – Reiki or reflexology (one a month)

To help reduce physical discomfort & promote mental & emotional clarity

Plus self-care tips and advice to use between sessions.

With your course you will have the opportunity to: –

  • Increase your ability to relax mentally and physically.
  • Experience less physical discomfort or pain.
  • Approach challenges with more optimism.
  • Secure your chosen appointment time with advance bookings.

So that I can remain focused on your needs, each year I work with a limited number of people on each programme. Book a Discovery Call today to find out how working with me can help.

Sharon is a highly skilled holistic therapist

Sharon is a highly skilled holistic therapist. As soon as I met her I knew I had to book into her clinic. She made me feel relaxed & welcome. The treatments are outstanding & my self care regime has just stepped up a gear, We all need to be at the top of our own to do lists. I can highly recommend Sharon to help you stay there once you’ve started.

Debbie, business owner - Birmingham

Sharon’s Bamboo Fusion treatment was just fantastic

As a sporty person and a sports massage therapist myself I know when I’m getting a good massage treatment or not. Sharon’s Bamboo Fusion treatment was just fantastic, from the thorough treatment itself to the instant relaxed feeling of my muscles as soon as I got up off the couch. Highly recommended.

Linda, Stafford

Since having regular treatments I’m now able to deal with stress better

When I decided to start having regular treatments with Sharon I was looking for some stress relief and ways of improving my sleep. I booked a course of weekly treatments over 12 weeks. My course started with reiki and guided meditation then a few weeks later facial reflexology was added which I found so relaxing. Since having regular treatments I’m now able to deal with stress better, I’m enjoying better sleep and I’m devoting time to myself for relaxation. I now feel better prepared when dealing with stressful situations and I’m also spending time meditating.

Heather, Tamworth

Sharon was lovely – made me feel at home and comfortable.

A close friend had recommended Complete Harmony to me and actually booked my 3 sessions with Sharon. I was a bit worried about going as suffering with anxiety but Sharon was lovely – made me feel at home and comfortable. I had 3 sessions with Sharon and felt better after each visit it was so relaxing and calm. I had reflexology and reiki. I would highly recommend Complete Harmony and will be going back for some me-time.

Charlene, Birmingham

I’m now feeling mentally relaxed and less anxious

When I contacted Sharon I wanted help relaxing, improvement in my posture and to have more self-confidence. Massage treatments to my shoulders, neck and feet were suggested which have had a calming effect on my whole body. Regular treatments have helped to improve my posture and I am now walking taller and feel much more confident. I’m now feeling mentally relaxed and less anxious which helps me to cope better with everyday life. Having regular treatments has encouraged me to adopt a healthier diet, a much calmer lifestyle and I now make time for other relaxing therapies. Others have noticed a calmer, more confident me and I’m sleeping much better. I would highly recommend a course of treatments with Sharon.

Jonathan, Tamworth

One-off Treatment Prices

Session typeDurationPrice
Foot Reflexology or Reiki Session55 minutes£65
Facial Reflexology Session (includes a mini treatment of Reiki or a scalp massage)55 minutes £65
Distant healing Reiki Session40 minutes£50

Healthcare Plans

Reflexology and Reiki treatments are now included in many healthcare plans offered by the companies listed below:-

  • Bupa
  • Paycare
  • bshf
  • Medicash
  • Healthshield
  • Sovereign

If you have a health insurance plan, it’s worth giving them a ring to check your individual policy for details of your cover. You may be pleasantly surprised. Read more about the benefits of having a healthcare plan here.

Online Services

If you're not able to get to me for hands-on treatments, you can work with me online via my one-to-one sessions, workshops or my self-guided downloads.

One-to-one online

Take a look at my:

So helpful to me during Lockdown

Having worked with Sharon before in person, I jumped at the opportunity to have distance reiki with her too. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t sure about distance reiki, but I’ve found the sessions I’ve had invaluable at keeping my mental health in check. The sessions give me the (much needed!) chance to meditate, relax and generally unwind at a time that works for me. Distance reiki has been so helpful to me during Lockdown. Thanks, Sharon

Clare, business owner - Sutton Coldfield

Quiet my mind and to allow myself to feel what I feel

I booked this session because I wanted more knowledge and information on using different tools to help me relax. The 1-2-1 time made me commit to the session. This is very hard unless I have a solid fixed appointment as I often let things slip if it’s just for me. During the session, I learnt to quiet my mind and to allow myself to feel what I feel. After the session I felt relaxed and calm.

Julie, Solihull

Managing Stress and Overwhelm - Personal Growth Programmes

Run over three months, this one-to-one programme consists of seven online sessions where we focus on what will help you to move forward with your health or wellbeing challenge.
After an in-depth discussion to help you identify the specific challenge you want help with, I will use a selection of techniques and strategies tailored to your needs.
With a Life Coaching Diploma and over 17 years as a therapist I have worked with many women supporting them by sharing my extensive experience and knowledge. I've helped them to feel empowered to deal with situations, thoughts and feelings that they find challenging.
Techniques and strategies Ive used include:
✅ Journaling
✅ Meditation
✅ Techniques for self-care for mental & physical health
✅ Reflexology techniques
✅ How to boost your energy levels
✅ Relaxation techniques
✅ How to find time for yourself
✅ Techniques for managing your stress & anxiety.
To name but a few.
Book a Discovery Call to find out how working with me could help you.
For more information about any of my services, why not book a Discovery Call? This free, no-obligation chat will help you to find out how working with me can help you reduce and, more importantly, manage your stress levels.
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