Supporting unpaid carers to put themselves on their to-do list for their mental health and wellness

In the Carers UK report 2022, 60% of carers were feeling anxious or stressed. 36% said they didn’t have time to prioritise their physical and mental health.

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Having worked within the unpaid carers’ community for over 15 years, many of them talk about feeling invisible within the caring system.

41% said they haven’t been able to take a break from their caring role in the last 12 months.
29% said they often or always felt lonely, while 38% said they needed support to reduce feelings of lonelyness.

With the above in mind, my workshops have been designed to: –

  • support the health and wellbeing of adult unpaid carers
  • promote self-care, develop self-esteem and self-worth amongst unpaid carers
  • help unpaid carers to recognise that their needs matter too
  • highlight that great care starts with them showing love, kindness and respect to themselves first
  • create a supportive, community environment where carers can connect with like-minded people and reduce their feelings of isolation.

How do Reflexology and Reiki Reduce Stress amongst unpaid carers?

It’s well documented that stress is a major factor in all illnesses and diseases. As a carer, you have someone who relies heavily on you which makes it important for you to be mentally, physically and emotionally fit and healthy.

Reflexology and Reiki treatments both have the remarkable ability to calm and balance the nervous system, which helps to reduce feelings of tension, stress and anxiety. Even a short, regular treatment is enough to make a difference to the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of the carers that I’ve worked with.


Carers’ Wellbeing Workshop

Online Wellbeing


What it is

Four workshops designed to provide carers with tools & techniques for their mental & emotional health & wellness

What’s included

Each workshop has been designed to demonstrate to carers the importance of their health and wellbeing

Each workshop will equip carers with tools & techniques they can use every day to support their health & wellness

The opportunity for carers to meet up with like-minded people, to share ideas and become more self-aware


Up to 60 minutes per session

Up to 12 participants per session

Online Meditation


What it is

Weekly meditation workshops over Zoom to learn and practice different types of meditation

What’s included

Benefits of meditation

How to prepare and set up your meditation space

A different type of meditation each week plus when and how to use it

Guided meditations

Time for discussion and share feedback pre and post-meditation


Up to 30 minutes per session

Up to 12 participants per session


Relaxation Days

What it is

An opportunity for carers to receive a taster treatment of reflexology or reiki. To feel nurtured and relaxed

What’s included

An individual taster treatment

Choice of reflexology or Reiki


Half-day session (4 hours)

Up to 25-minute treatment session

8 treatments during each visit

You Provide

For onsite events
  • Quiet, ventilated space for the treatments to take place
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Named carers for each pre-booked slot
  • Carers will remain clothed, only shoes and socks will need to be removed

I will bring all equipment needed.

For online events
  • A member of team to host the event
  • A Zoom or Teams link to host the session

One size does not fit all! With my years of experience and my many therapy qualifications, I can design a package that is bespoke for the needs of your organisation. Use the link below to book a call today to find out how I can help you to support the health and wellbeing of the unpaid carers you support.

Benefits Carers Wellbeing Workshops

Getting some well-earned time out from their caring responsibilities will go a long way to helping carers manage their stress levels.  Feeling less stressed will help them to feel more confident when dealing with the challenges that their caring role brings. By attending my workshops, carers will also benefit from having some time out for self-nurturing, which every carer needs.

Carers who have attended my hands-on and online Zoom workshops have reported the following benefits:-

A reduction in minor physical aches and pains

Feeling mentally uplifted and positive

Feeling physically healthier and energised

A reduction in their stress-related symptoms, such as IBS, headaches & high BP

A reduction in mental stress, anxiety and them feeling more in control

Having more confidence in themselves and their ability to perform their caring role

Benefits of regular sessions for carers

  • Learn some new skills that they can use by themselves for themselves
  • Look at things from a new perspective
  • Share ideas with and support their peers
  • Have some well earned time out from caring to receive a nurturing treatment
  • Do some reflective thinking about their role and its importance
  • Have an awareness of what they can do to directly increase their health and wellbeing on a daily basis
  • Connect with like-minded people who have a shared experience
  • Reduced their feelings of isolation

Benefits of regular sessions for you

  • You will be able to support your adult carers’ health and wellbeing as suggested in the Department of Health Supporting the health & wellness of adult carers document.
  • Demonstrate to funders that you are able to support carers mentally and emotionally using proven hands-on stress reduction treatments
  • Demonstrate to funders that you can support carers from the comfort of their own home during Covid-19 and beyond
  • Show that you are willing to support carers who have limited time and are not able to leave their home to attend your regular in-person group events

Quiet my mind and to allow myself to feel what I feel

I booked this session because I wanted more knowledge and information on using different tools to help me relax. The 1-2-1 time made me commit to the session. This is very hard unless I have a solid fixed appointment as I often let things slip if it’s just for me. During the session, I learnt to quiet my mind and to allow myself to feel what I feel. After the session I felt relaxed and calm.

Julie, Solihull

Contact me to find out how working with me can help you to support your carers.

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