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How can I get a good night’s sleep?

by Sharon Taylor

We all need sleep. Sleep is necessary as it gives your body the ability to rest, repair, grow and support your natural biorhythms.

In order for our bodies to repair and grow in a 24 hour period a certain number of hours sleep is suggested depending on your age.

  • Babies 16-18 hours,
  • Toddlers 10-12 hours,
  • Teenagers 9 hours and
  • Adults 7-9 hours.

Long periods of sleep deprivation can lead to many problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, moodiness, becoming accident prone, memory loss, brain problems and a weakness of your immune system.

Rest, restore, rejuvenate

Here are five thing you can do that will increase the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Have Breakfast

  • Breakfast is a very important meal. It breaks your fast and kick-starts your body for the day ahead. Ideally eat within 30 minutes of getting up.
  • If you’re not used to having breakfast start with something small and build up over a few days. Ideally have some protein as this will keep hunger at bay for longer.

Drink plenty of water!

  • This will help you to stay hydrated during the day.
  • Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells which need hydrating for us to function at an optimum level.
  • Two litres is the usual amount for adults. Drink more during hot weather and when you are exercising.
  • Also, reduce caffeine, hot chocolate or alcohol and any other stimulants during the day and especially before bedtime.

Fresh air

  • Get plenty of fresh air and exercise during the day.
  • Do this by taking the stairs and not the lift; park the car further away; go for a walk at lunchtime.
  • Keep your mind and body occupied and active during the day to prepare it for a rest at night.

Bedtime routine

  • Have a regular time for bed and a bedtime routine to prepare your body for resting.
  • Set an alarm 30 minutes before bedtime and start getting ready and winding down for sleeping.
  • Have an early time for bed – ideally before midnight.
  • Make sure your bedroom and bedding are comfortable.
  • Check heating, ventilation, darkness and reduce clutter in the bedroom.
  • You will sleep better in a place that is comfortable and inviting.

Avoid technology

  • Avoid watching TV, playing computer games, mobile phones etc. for at least an hour before your bedtime. These keep your mind active when you need it to be relaxing.
  • Leave electronic devices out of the bedroom and use the bedroom for sleeping and resting.

    Sleep like a baby

Try these and see your sleep improve.

To help a baby get a good nights’ sleep most of the above are used so why not for an adult too!



About Sharon

Sharon has been working as a complementary therapist for over 10 years and loves helping people to feel more uplifted, focused and positive about their life.

If you need help reducing and managing your stress and anxiety get in touch. Working together, Sharon will help you to identify your stressors and suggest techniques that you can use to manage and reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Then, Sharon will help you to implement an achievable maintenance programme.

During your treatment sessions treatments available are Reiki, Reflexology and Therapeutic Massages – all designed to help you relax, refocus and re-energise.

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