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How can I staying hydrated?

by Sharon Taylor

We’re all drinking our 2 litres of water every day, right?

Our body is composed of about 60% water. In hot weather we will naturally increase our water intake but when the weather turns colder it’s sometimes not as easy to get your 2 litres in.

So if you don’t like plain water how about:-

  1. Flavouring it with slices of orange, lemon or lime, add some ice to make it cooler or use hot boiled water.
  2. Getting yourself a nice glass, drink through a straw to add a cocktail feel and make drinking water a treat.
  3. Trying fruit or herbal teas that don’t contain caffeine.
  4. Taking a bottle of water with you when on a journey and have a drink before you start and when you get to your destination.

Also, just in case you’ve forgotten how good water is:-

  • It’s good for your skin texture – reducing lines and wrinkles and helping you to look younger.
  • It’s good for your brain power – helping you with concentration and thinking clearer.
  • It’s good for your circulation and digestive systems and great for increasing your energy levels.
  • It transports substances and carries nutrients and other material (i.e. blood cells) around the body, making it possible for every organ to do its job.

So have another glass on me and you’ll look and feel fabulous. Cheers!


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