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Positive Vibes in Your Home

by Sharon Taylor

We think nothing of having a facial routine every day that cleanses our face and protects it from the elements.

We cleanse our body every day and cleanse internally once or twice a year with a detox programme. So why not do the same for our surroundings, the places in which we live or work?

After an event such as Christmas, Easter, a holiday or a celebration (birthday, wedding, anniversary) your environment can be left feeling a bit flat so it’s a good idea to cleanse your home of any negative or stagnant energy and create space for some new positive energies to enter. If you’ve had visitors they will have left their energies (good and bad) in your home so it’s a good idea to cleanse your home. Have you ever entered a room and the energy just feels flat? Everything looks great but something doesn’t feel right? Cleansing a room will help to address this – lifting the vibrations and also lifting your spirts.

As well as dusting, cleaning and tidying the physical aspects of my home I use different methods to cleanse the energies of it too.

Here are 5 of my most used methods.

  1. Declutter – every 6-8 weeks I go through rooms and if I find something that I haven’t used for some time I decide whether to re-home it in another part of the house, give it away, donate it or throw it away. Things collect energy as well as dust.
  2. Essential oil diffuser – each essential oil has its own properties and qualities. Lemon is uplifting, lavender relaxing and frankincense calming. Depending on how I’m feeling, how I want to feel or what I’m doing, I will diffuse an oil in the room I’m in.
  3. Fresh air – opening a door or window is a great way to change the energy in a room. The natural breeze entering allows the energy in the room to move and leave through the opening. It also allows oxygen to enter the room.
  4. Burning sage or natural incense – smudging with a sage stick clears unwanted energies from a room and attracts positive energies. Natural incense sticks (not artificial) can also have this effect on your home.
  5. Crystals – I have many crystals and place them around my home to allow their properties and energies to radiate in all areas. They work in a similar way to essential oils but without having a smell.

So if post-celebrations have left your home feeling flat, try one of the above to give it a lift.

Also, increase and change your own energies by moving, dancing, singing and getting out into the fresh air. If you need help with your own t.l.c. get in touch for some your mind, body and spirit support.


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