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Metamorphic Technique

The name of this treatment is taken from metamorphosis, meaning a change that occurs by natural agencies. A caterpillar that transforms into a beautiful butterfly is a great example.

Are you feeling stuck and don’t know why? Or are you looking for a treatment that will help you to let go of your resistance to change? Perhaps you want to experience a surge of creative energy or you need some help moving forward. If so, then this treatment could be for you.

From the traditions of Eastern medicine to the new discoveries of science, it is generally acknowledged that energy or ‘life force’ underlies all forms of life.

Every cell that makes up our body and mind holds memories of our experiences. When we experience intense emotions following loss of any sort – losing a loved one, a break-up, divorce, injury, redundancy etc. the energy involved in creating that emotion can be held in particular patterns within us. As your therapist for this treatment I acts as a catalyst and help you to let go in a safe environment.

Sharon Taylor, metamorphic technique, Complete HarmonyThis treatment has been described as a talking therapy for people who aren’t ready to talk. No delving into what could be causing you problems just you relaxing, fully clothed lying on a couch and I use light touch stroking and tapping to your feet, hands and head.

The tapping allows emotions that are no longer serving you to come to the surface so that you can release them. By releasing them you create space within yourself for new better-serving energies. This treatment is suitable for everyone and clients often find it deeply relaxing. One treatment may be all that you need.

Full treatment is £49 – click here for more prices.

Contact us for more information or give Sharon a ring on 07751 942234 to book a treatment for yourself, a friend or for a loved one.

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