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How can I get more out of my health insurance plan?

by Sharon Taylor

With the inevitable and fast approaching reduction in the National Health Service (NHS), more and more people are buying health insurance policies.

These policies are being bought as a much-needed back-up and to provide peace of mind in the hope that if you are unfortunate enough to have a serious illness you are covered. You will be able to quickly get medical treatments and procedures to a high standard without having to worry about waiting lists or the high cost of the procedure.

You may be paying for these policies in full, getting them free through your employer or making a joint contribution towards it with your employer. But did you know that your policy may help you before you are ill and need a medical procedure?

Checked your policy

Many policies make a contribution to dental, optician, physiotherapy, homeopathy cost etc. and now many also contribute to holistic therapies.

If you are a member of:-

healthcare plan

  • Bupa

  • Paycare

  • bshf

  • Medicash

  • Healthshield

  • Sovereign

It’s worth giving your policy holder a ring to check your individual policy for details of what you can claim for.

My new clients are now asked to check if any policies they have covers them for the treatments they want from me.

Be proactive

On a recent visit to hospital for a routine blood test, the nurse seeing me had just returned from working in Australia. We got into a conversation about what I do, and she said she loves having reflexology and had it twice a month when she was in Australia. She added, being proactive towards staying healthy was common in Australia. Prevention is better than cure and health insurance companies actively promote holistic treatments for their health and wellbeing properties. They, like I, believe that having regular holistic treatments plays an important part in your selfcare regime.

By having a regular treatment you are being proactive in your health and wellbeing. You are also more likely to notice signs of changes in your health. A financial contribution towards your treatment via your health insurance policy will certainly help too.

I encourage my clients to check their health insurance policy to see if they are getting what they need from it. Using it to maintain a healthy lifestyle now and start getting the benefits from the premiums they are currently paying can only be a good thing.

If you have a health insurance plan get it checked then get in touch to book a FREE 20-minute chat.  Start taking action to improve and maintain your health before you get ill.

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