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Calm and clarity hour | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

Stress Discovery Calls: Get out of feeling overwhelmed

When you feel stressed it’s always good to talk. Sometimes talking to a stranger who cares can put a different perspective on things. This is when you can start thinking clearer, get clarity on your situation and light-bulb moments can happen. In a recent survey over 33% of the British population experienced stress for one day …

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How to control your overthinking | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

How can I control my overthinking?

Most of us will have had periods in our lives when we feel stuck or feel overwhelmed by a situation. But although time has moved on, you can still feel stuck. Overthinking causes you to feel paralyzed by the negative thoughts that are going around in your head. Your physical, mental and emotional energies can …

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sharon taylor | Complete Harmony

Why courses of treatments were introduced

I’ve been working as a complementary therapist for over 15 years and over the years I’ve worked in many different situations, seen hundreds of clients and performed thousands of treatments. I love the variety of each client coming with their own situation, challenges and specific needs. At the start of my therapist journey, I saw …

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Tackling stress at Christmas | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

How to reduce feeling stressed as Christmas approaches?

Every year the preparations for Christmas seem to start earlier. In the UK, advertising and promotions in shops, on TV and on social media start to appear from as early as October! It’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed by it all as the big day gets closer. It’s not too late for you to …

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tackling stress with healing hands

Tackling stress and anxiety with healing hands

Did you see me in the local press recently? I was so pleased when a local reporter contacted me out of the blue. He had seen my recent posts and was keen to find out more about how I deliver my service to help people reduce their stress and anxiety levels. Here’s what the reporter …

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planning, recording and recognising your successes | Sharon Taylor | Complete Harmony

How to succeed when facing a challenge

On 1st January I set myself three challenges and on 31st January they were all completed. My challenges all required daily actions and focused. They were yoga, meditation and journaling.  These three activities I regularly suggest to my clients as they can all help reduce stress and anxiety and help focus the mind. So I …

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