Five Habits to Reduce & Manage your Stress Levels

If you’re looking for effective ways to reduce and manage your stress levels, then take a look at these five activities.

Managing your stress effectively will help you to: –

  • Build your self-belief
  • Increase your feelings of self-worth
  • Create focus and a more positive mindset.

There will always be times in your life when you experience feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Having techniques and strategies that you practice on a regular basis will help you feel relaxed, confident and able to cope more effectively with stressful situations when they come along.

1. Have routines

Routines help you to reduce stress as they give you structure and focus. Start by introducing two routines into your life; a morning routine and a bedtime routine. Have a set start time to begin each routine and list 5-7 things that you will do every day for the next 90 days as part of that routine.

#Tip: Don’t log onto social media until after you have finished your morning routine. Routines create habits and you want to be creating good habits

2. Practice regular self-care

Practising self-care helps you to build self-belief, self-worth and self-love. Start to introduce simple activities into your everyday life that show you care and respect yourself. These could include, eating regular healthy meals, drinking 2 litres of water, getting 7-8 hours sleep, moving your body. You could also take time out to sit and read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee in your favourite china or chat with a friend. Take a look at this blog on how to create more time for your self-care.

# Tip: Don’t see self-care as being selfish. See it as showing yourself the same level of kindness as you would show to your best friend. Start being your own best friend.

3. Create a vision board

Vision boards are a visual depiction of things you would like in your life. They help you to create focus and clarity around your goals. You can create a vision board for short-term or long-term goals. When you’ve created one, keeping it where you can see it every day will help to increase your feelings of positivity and help you to stay motivated when you’re feeling stuck.

#Tip: As well as using pictures on your vision board, include words and phrases to illustrate what you want.

4. Practice gratitude and thankfulnessgratitude diary

Get yourself a notebook and each day write three to five things that you are grateful for about that day. Use this as a way to recognise all the large and small things in your life that fill your heart with joy, makes you smile and lifts your spirits. Start each sentence with ‘Today I am grateful for…….’.

#Tip: Things to consider including – what made you smile today? Who helped you? What are you good at? What have your learnt or taught someone else today?

5. Declutter

We all feel better if our physical space is clean and tidy. Tidying up as you go and regularly decluttering allows decluttering to feel like less of a chore. When decluttering, decide what to keep, what to recycle and what to throw away. A mental declutter using a simple breathing meditation will help to reduce unhelpful thoughts.

#Tip: If you’re overwhelmed by the level of your clutter, start by just tidying a drawer, a cupboard or one corner of a room.

By introducing any of the above strategies into your life you will start to build your self-confidence, self-belief and self-esteem which will help you to deal with stressful situations more effectively.

If you would like some help with reducing and managing your stress levels get in touch for a Discovery Call to find out how working with me can help you.

About Sharon

Therapist, Sharon Taylor, Tamworth, KnowleSharon lives with her partner, Geoff, in Warwickshire and they have two adult children. She worked for over 25 years in an office environment, gaining qualifications to degree level in finance, business and management. While there Sharon witnessed and experienced many stressful situations and suffered illnesses that were stress-related.

Sharon was advised to make some changes to her lifestyle which included trying complementary therapies. After experiencing the benefits of complementary treatments, Sharon decided to retrain and share her knowledge and experiences to help others recognise and manage their own physical and emotional stress and anxiety levels.

Sharon has been working as a complementary therapist for over 15 years now She loves helping people manage and reduce their stress levels, to feel uplifted, focused, positive and empowered about their lives.

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