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6 simple steps to looking after your mental health

by Sharon Taylor

In the busyness of our lives the state of our mental health may not be something that we think about

It may only come to mind when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or even depressed about a situation. Our mental health is just as important, if not more so, as our physical health.

There are many things you can do to support your mental health. Here are a few simple things you can do in your daily life that will make a big difference to the state of your mental health.

1. Drink more water!

I’ve said this in so many of my blogs and I’m going to say it again. Water! Water! Water! Our body needs water to nourish every cell including our brain cells. When we are dehydrated not only do we physically feel sluggish but our mind does too. Thinking straight and decision making becomes difficult. A hydrated body and brain will always function better. Ideally, two to three litres of pure water a day is what you need. Read my tips about how to drink more water.

2.  Get enough sleep

Most of us know what it feels like when we haven’t had a good nights’ sleep. Being sleep deprived not only makes us feel tired but we become grumpy and we’re not a nice person to be around. Getting an average of 6-8 hours sleep every night will help you to start each day feeling rested, refreshed and mentally ready for the day ahead with a more positive attitude.

eat fruit high in vitamin C

Fruits high in vitamin C

3. Eat heathy meals

When we eat we are not only feeding our bodies but we are also feeding our mind. Eating plenty of fresh fruits,dark, leafy vegetables and foods high in omega-3s will help you to cope better during stressful times. Eat regular meals to help balance your blood-sugar levels and reduce the amount of processed foods you eat.

4. Get physical

The benefits to your body of doing physical exercise is well known but there are also mental benefits too. When you exercise your mood is given a boost as your body releases feel-good endorphins. Studies have shown that exercise can also increase your brain function and your memory. It can improve your sleep and have a positive effect on your anxiety, stress and depression levels.

5. Set yourself up for greatness

Your mind is a powerful tool. Be mindful of this when setting your intentions for the day ahead. If your attitude is that nothing is going to go right for you, then guess what, nothing will. If your attitude is that you will have a great day, you are more likely to be able to cope with any challenges that come your way. Start each day with a can-do attitude and you’ll be setting yourself up to have a fantastic day whatever happens.

6. Introduce fun and laughter into your life

Time to start having more fun

Put more fun into your life

We all lead busy lives so plan to have some time away from work and your family responsibilities to have fun, laughter or to relax mentally and physically. Return to a hobby that you loved, start a new one or learn a new skill. Being sociable and being with other people is great for helping you to feel uplifted mentally and emotionally. Why not join a group of like-minded people, do something kind for a neighbour, meet up with friends for a social event. Be proactive and plan ahead, it will give you something to look forward to.


If you would like some help creating a positive mindset get in touch here to book your FREE 20-minute chat to see how I can help you.

About Sharon

Sharon lives with her partner Geoff in Warwickshire and they have two adult children. She worked for over 25 years in an office environment, gaining qualifications to degree level in finance, business and management. While there she witnessed and experienced many stressful situations and suffered illnesses which were stress related.

Sharon was advised to make some changes to her lifestyle which included trying complementary therapies. After experiencing the benefits of complementary treatments, she decided to retrain and to share her knowledge and experiences to help others recognise and manage their own physical and emotional stress and anxiety levels.

Sharon has been working as a complementary therapist for over 12 years now, and she loves helping people to feel uplifted, focused, positive and empowered about their lives.


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