Working with Carers

When you are caring 24/7 it can be difficult to get some time to yourself – time to rest, relax and recharge.

Over the past seven years I have provided on-site treatments for care organisations that provide relaxation days for their service users who are usually people who care for a loved one at home.

I love working with carers as I know they work hard and I can see how much they appreciate and belefit from the time and care I give to them during their session.


Organisations include:-

reflexology treatment


  • Solihull Carer Centre
  • AgeUK Birmingham and Coventry
  • Midland Mencap
  • Annie Wood Elders Group
  • Coleshill Stroke Club

These organisations recognise how complementary therapies support carers. They organise events or reserving time in their regular support meetings for me to give taster treatments for some ‘me-time’ for the carers.

Taster treatments usually take place in a quiet, private area and last between 15 and 30 minutes with the carer remaining clothed.

These sessions allow carers time for mentally and physically relax and to recharge their batteries before returning refreshed to their caring role.

Gentle Touch Massage

During workshops I ask carers to work in pairs, giving and receiving gentle hand massages. This allows them to appreciate and feedback as to how gentle touch feels as a giver and a receiver. They are then able to give a hand massage to the person they are caring for.

Gentle touch between carer and the person they are caring for can help them both by :-

  • promoting relaxation
  • alleviating anxiety
  • supporting the bond between them
  • reducing stress and tension
  • reducing psychological distress

One-to-one sessions take place at events organised by carer organisations and at private sessions with me at my clinic based within The Cottage Healing Centre in Tamworth.

Get in touch to discuss how I can support your community group or service users with an onsite treatment session.

Sharon Taylor IIHHT FFHT