Workplace and onsite treatments

One-to-One Treatments

To support your staff, clients, colleagues, service users, or for you a visit to your premises, workplace, community group, nursing home, day centre etc. can be arranged.

Treatments are performed in a private place, adapted to suit each individual and are designed to promote health and well-being. Each treatment usually last about 30 minutes.

Stress in the workplace is now more common and has been well documented. If it is allowed to continue for a prolonged length of time it can lead to staff having sick days. Stress at work is commonly causes by such things as lack of job security, workloads, long hours, unrealistic deadlines, responsibilities, bullying, lack of water, food and toilet breaks.

Implementing regular therapy days is a direct and inexpensive way to tackle stress and injury in the workplace and is quickly becoming the way forward for many leading UK companies.  Not only that, but there are no capital start-up costs and no regular overheads to maintain.

Therapy days are excellent when used as part of a team building event for companies, community groups and social groups.  They immediately relieve stress and tension in individuals and in turn positively affect the group as a whole, establishing better relations.

Some benefits to your organisation of having a regular programme include:-

  • there are no capital start-up costs,
  • no maintenance costs,
  • it can boost staff morale,
  • it cuts down on absenteeism,
  • it is quick and immediately effective,
  • no staff travel time and costs are involved,
  • it’s on-site so little time lost in the working day,
  • provides a boost to creativity and is conducive to a harmonious office environment,
  • I provide a friendly, flexible, efficient service,
  • it’s a cost-effective way of showing staff you really care.

Some benefits to your organisation of having a regular programme include:-

  • provides relief to muscular tension, which increases joint mobility, flexibility and improved posture,
  • it can relax and soothe aching muscles, helping to reduce stiffness,
  • it provides help to slow down and deepens the breathing, which helps to lower blood pressure,
  • it can improve mood, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and depression,
  • an increase in the awareness of the mind-body connection. This encourages feelings of well-being.

Feedback from staff receiving workplace treatments:-

‘Had a wonderful Indian head massage. It took me a while to relax but when I did I really did.’

‘It was amazing, a real treat! Felt very relaxing and was even given advice on how to improve my posture and stop getting tension in my shoulders. First class service.’

‘What a wonderful and relaxing massage. I fell asleep so that says it all.’

‘I have had massages before, but never had a massage like this….I wish I could have this every day.’

‘Very relaxing, very friendly and knowledgeable about areas and ways to relax and de-stress.’

Corporate & Community Events

These treatments are designed for and popular at corporate events, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, product promotions, corporate hospitality etc.

These can be performed in open areas as you are fully clothed and are ideal for staff health awareness days, service users reward days or to enhance your event. Each treatment usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

On-site and Workplace Treatments available are:-

  • Indian head massage
  • Hand & arm massages
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • On-site seated chair massage

To ensure flexibility and to tailor a programme to your needs, the length of each treatment can be discussed with you.

Treatments are available in Tamworth, Lichfield, Coleshill, Sutton Coldfield, Knowle and Solihull. Other areas may be considered.

Prices are between £49 – £60 per hour and payment options can be discussed. Please contact us for more details.