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Stress Relief in Sutton Coldfield

by Sharon Taylor

Here in Sutton Coldfield the sun has come out for a few days and we all want to be outside enjoying it. Sunshine has the ability to make us feel good and less stressed.

In a recent survey over 33% of the British population experiences stressed for one day a week. Eighty-five percent of people experience stress on a regular basis with health being one of the most common causes of their stress. These stats. are likely to replicate the levels of stress in Sutton Coldfield too.

I wasn’t surprised to read that many people were concerned about how their stress was impacting on their health and wellbeing. Exercise was highlighted as a form of stress relief.

This Sunday Keep Fit with Kelly will be holding her first FREE Open Event in Sutton Coldfield. It’s at:-

Date:- Sunday 22nd April 2018

Venue:- Fairfax School. Fairfax Rd, Sutton Coldfield. B75 7JT

Time:- 9:45–12:00 noon

During this event Kelly will be putting on snippets of all her exercise classes. You can try all 7-taster sessions (each lasts 15-minutes), or just join in with a few.

To end the session (and to help you get your breath back) Kelly will be talking about the part nutrition has to play in staying mentally and physically fit.

I’ll be there throughout the event giving information on other ways you can manage your stress. I’ll be offering FREE taster reiki treatments and I’ll have a few goodies to give away too.

Effects of too much stress

We all know that a certain level of stress is good for us but too much stress can cause: –

  • Anxiety
  • A lack of concentration
  • Low self esteem
  • Muscle tension
  • Sleep problems
  • Being snappy at people

Physical activity is well known for not only improving your physical condition but it will also have a positive effect on you mentally by helping to reduce your stress levels. When we exercise our body produces naturally occurring feel-good & stress relieving hormones of: –

  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin and
  • Endorphins.

Effects of reduced stress

We all feel better when we’re not stressed. When we feel good about ourselves we’re more likely to: –

Feel good when with friends

  • feel more confident
  • experience less tension
  • think clearer
  • have more mental & physical energy
  • sleep better sleep and
  • be a nicer person to be around.



Come and join us in Sutton Coldfield for a morning of fitness and fun. You’ll leave feeling physically fitter, mentally energised and more motivated to continue feeling good about yourself.


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