Reflexology – Good For The Soul

I practice reflexology to help people reduce stress and anxiety and to induce relaxation.

Reflexology is an ancient, a non-invasive therapy that treats the whole person. For your treatment you sit reclined on my reflexology chair or lie on my massage couch whilst I work on your feet. This allows me to access numerous areas of your body by stimulating certain reflex points located on the feet.

Clients report that during their treatment they can relax mentally as well as physically and get some much needed ‘me time’. After their treatment many clients feel rested, uplifted, energised, calmer and more able to deal with the challenges of modern day life.

The treatment

During your treatment your job is just to relax and drift away. My job is to help your body and mind to rebalance, recharge and revive. Whilst you relax I gently press and massage your feet seeing them as a map of your body and you. I observe colour changes, areas of toughened skin, the size and shape of your feet. I feel changes in texture and density, flexibility and movement. All these and more give me an indication as to your health and lifestyle. There is no diagnosis involved. I may make suggestions as to lifestyle changes you may want to consider making but most clients just enjoy having time to themselves to relax. Many enjoy a regular monthly treatment.

So if you’re looking for a treatment to mentally and physically relax and calm contact us.