Mental health in the workplace & business success

I worked with a company yesterday delivering on-site chair massage. They have a therapist once a month for the day.

Employees are booked in and are expected to have their 20 minute session in a space that is away from their desk. They all had lots of things to do but once a month their boss includes their health and well-being on their to-do-list and had also included himself on that list too! Once a month, every month, they bring the team together on this joint project for the benefit of individuals as well as the company. After their session each member of staff left looking and feeling refreshed and energised. It was refreshing to work with a company who could see the benefits to their employees (as well as the company) of having regular sessions like this. They appreciate the physical and mental benefits of supporting their employees in this way.

Team working

Whilst there I sensed a great team energy about the place – employees and the boss all working together. Relaxed, calmly doing what needed to be done to provide the best service for their clients. There will always be deadlines to meet, challenging clients and situations to deal with but a mentally relaxed workforce who feel supported by the rest of the team and their employer will always rise to the challenge.

Continuing effects

A regular monthly session allowing you to bring your team together like this can have far more benefits than you think. Next week when all the talk about mental health awareness and well-being has died down, what will you be doing to continue supporting your mental health and that of your employees?



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