How can I get more out of my health insurance plan?

With the inevitable and fast approaching reductions in the National Health Service (NHS), more and more people are buying health insurance policies.

These policies are being bought as a much-needed back-up to provide peace of mind in the hope that if something big happens they are covered. They are happily paying for these policies or making a joint contribution with their employees. They are usually unaware that their policy may help them before they become ill.

Many policies now contribute to some holistic therapies. My new clients are asked to check if any policies they have covers the treatment they want from me.

If you are a member of:-

healthcare plan

  • Bupa

  • Paycare

  • bshf

  • Medicash

  • Healthshield

  • Sovereign

it’s worth giving them a ring to check your individual policy for details of your cover.

By having a regular treatment you’re being proactive in your health and wellbeing. You’re also more likely to notice signs of any changes in your health. A financial contribution towards your treatment via the health insurance plan will certainly help too.

I encourage my clients to check their health insurance plan to see if they are getting what they need from it and to start making it work for them.

If you have a health insurance plan get it checked then get in touch to book a FREE pre-treatment chat.  Start taking action to improve your health before you get ill.