How to survive the school holidays

Schools break up for their annual 6 weeks’ holidays and whether you’re a stay-at-home or a working parent there are going to be changes to your routine and for your children too.

This period can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here are 5 tips that will help you prepare yourself for the changes in your routine and encourage an atmosphere that will support the smooth running of this holiday period for everyone.

#1. Book into holiday clubs early.

There are many holiday activities and clubs run throughout the summer holidays. Check what your child(ren) like to do and what’s on in your area and get booked into one or two sessions. A couple of hours apart will do you both the world of good.

#2. Arrange a play day exchange

We all like to hang out with our mates so arrange for one or more of their friends to come to yours for an afternoon together. If the weather is good they can play in the garden or you could take them to the park. The parents of their friends will in return have your child around on another day, giving you some time to yourself. This is a great idea if you work from home and need some time during the week to yourself. It also means you have the opportunity to do some of the thing you would normally do during the week like, meet up with your friends, have a manicure, read a book or do whatever you fancy.

#3. Plan a family day

If due to your work commitments your child(ren) are booked into a holiday club or are being cared for by a relative or child-minder, plan a couple of family fun day for the weekends. If you plan this in advance you can all get involved and make it a special part of the holiday period.

#4. Rest to re-charge

We all know what if feels like to not have had enough sleep. At the end of each fun-filled and active day a good nights’ sleep is something the whole family will appreciate. Whilst being flexible, plan and execute bedtime routines that allows everyone (including yourself) to retire happy and chilled to get the amount of rest each needs to enable you all to wake up refreshed and ready for another fantastic day. For yourself, include a relaxing, pampering product from the NYR Organic range.

#5. Book yourself a treatment!

A pre-holiday reflexology or reiki treatment can prepare you mentally for the extra demands that the summer school holidays can bring. Aromatherapy oils for some extra relaxation and that pampered feeling can be incorporated into your treatment with me. After a treatment with me many people say they feel relaxed, calm, energised and more able to deal with situations effectively. Just what you need at this time of year. To book your treatment give me a ring now on 07751 942234 or get in touch now.

Planning is key so by implementing two, three or all five of these activities you will be well on your way to creating an enjoyable and relaxing holiday period for the whole family.

Your tan will fade but your memories will last forever