How can I get soft, smooth skin from head to toe?

For smooth, soft skin then include exfoliation in your weekly routine.

Your body is covered in a layer of dead skin cells and if you don’t get rid of this any lotion you put on will just sit on top of it. To allow your new skin cells can come to the surface you need to slough the dead, dehydrated, rough skin off. This is easily done in the shower or bath with a body exfoliator or scrub. As well as getting rid of the dead skin cells, exfoliating helps to improve circulation, reduces feelings of lethargy, reduces the possibility of ingrowing hairs and it will prolong your tan. It will also leaves you feeling fresh and clean and can uplifts your spirits.

About scrubs and polishes

  • There are different types of exfoliator for different parts of the body – hands, feet, body, face and even for the hair on your head! All designed to address the different skin textures around the body.
  • There are many body scrubs and polishes on the market; one that is moisturising is a good idea as it saves time. Or why not make your own!
  • Check out these body scrubs from the NYR Organic range.
  • Once a week exfoliate your body by massaging your chosen product into damp skin concentrating on areas of rough, sluggish skin, taking care to avoiding any delicate areas.
  • For rough skin on elbows and feet use the appropriate type of scrub or do it more often in these areas.
  • Follow this with a good moisturiser.

Do all this and you will be soft &smooth, fresh & clean from head to toe.

Feel soft, clean and refreshed