How do I choose my holistic therapist?

We all like to know that we are in the hands of a professional, caring therapist who is knowledgeable in their field.

But with all the therapists out there how do you find the right one for you? When looking for a therapist the first question you should ask yourself is: –

‘What Do I want to achieve from my chosen therapy?’

This will help you to decide which type of therapist and therapy will best suit your needs. Then ask yourself: –

  • Do I want relief from a physical ache or tension in a muscle?
  • Am I looking for some relaxation?
  • Do I need help with stress or anxiety reduction?
  • Do I want a regular monthly treatment, just a one-off or one every 3-4 months?
  • Am I looking for something to support my general health and well-being or something pampering?

Armed with your answers to these questions you can now start searching for your ideal therapist.

Use these 5 questions to help you focus when doing your research.

1. Are they qualified in the treatment I require?

They should have a certificate from their training provider which states that they have undergone the necessary training and are now qualified in that treatment.

2. Are they registered?

If they are registered with a professional body, they are required to follow a code of ethics and abide by the code of conduct and professional practice of that organisation. They should have a certificate or letter from their registered organisation confirming that they are registered.

3. Are they insured?

As well as being insured to perform the treatments they deliver, the insurance should also cover public liability.

4. Do they offer a full consultation prior to your first treatment?

In order to treat your presenting concern, a confidential, full consultation will give the therapist additional information about you and your lifestyle. This information will help them to possibly identify why you are getting the discomfort. As part of your aftercare they can also make suggestions about how to reduce the discomfort.

5. Have they been recommended to you or do they have some favourable reviews?

A word of mouth referral is always a good indication of a therapist’s credibility. You can check out the therapist on social media sites, their website and via therapist search engines. Also, have a look at the website for the professional body they are registered with.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search using the questions above questions give your list of potential therapists a ring. Talk to them about your requirements. Most professional therapists will be happy to offer this mini consultation at this stage as it allows you to ask any initial questions. I speak to most of my clients for a mini consultation at this stage as it also allows me to find out how I can help them.

At the end of this process you should have found a therapist that you are happy to work with who can support you on your way to gaining better health and feeling great physically, mentally and emotionally.