How can I reduce my stress and anxiety levels?

I am passionate about helping people to live their life with less stress and to empower them to put their mental health and well-being on their to-do list.

Over the past 13 years whilst working as a complementary therapist I have worked with hundreds of people from different walks of life and the main thing they have in common are high levels of stress, anxiety or worry. After their first treatment session many of my clients report having:-

  • better sleep
  • more focus and mental clarity
  • feelings of calmness and being more in control
  • a reduction in their physical aches and pains
  • a reduction in their stress, anxiety or worry levels.

By working with me over a series of treatment sessions, many clients have been able to successfully reduce their stress, worry and anxiety levels to a manageable level.

Most people find it hard to put themselves first so when they’re feeling stressed, anxious or worried they don’t appreciate that by putting themselves on their to-do list by developing and implementing some simple life changing habits their health will improve. I recently had a client just like this. Let’s call her Maxine.

Maxine’s Story

Maxine found me via a Google search for anxiety and reiki in Tamworth. Maxine didn’t know much about reiki but had heard that it was a relaxing treatment for your mind and body. She liked the fact that I had experience using reiki to support people with stress related conditions and also I had used reiki in a caring setting. Maxine explained that after over 40 years in a caring profession and retirement approaching at the end of the month she was lacking in self-confidence which was causing her some anxiety. Maxine wanted to look forward to the opportunity to have some time for herself without feeling guilty.

After a full consultation I explained that it wasn’t uncommon for Maxine to feel this way. I explained that retirement is a major life changing event and as such any stress and anxiety relating to it can also manifest itself in physical forms too. These could be in the form of rashes, aches and pains, increased blood pressure, difficulty sleeping etc. all of which Maxine was experiencing. A reiki treatment would help her to relax and refocus, resulting in her feeling less anxious and having more self-confidence again. After the first treatment Maxine felt relaxed and calm. Together with Maxine we agreed that a reiki treatment in Tamworth every other week would be beneficial and I would give her advice on how to boost her self-confidence.

By having regular, relaxing reiki and some reflexology treatments twice a month and combining this with additional activities, Maxine started to feel better than her old self and started to enjoy her retirement. After three months she moved onto one treatment a month and she now continues to return to Tamworth to see me as it allows her to have some planned me-time every month.

Treatment Packages

Following my experiences working with clients like Maxine and requests received from other clients, I designed three Treatment Packages. These packages provide a structured program in which I help you put systems in place which give a focused approach to identifying how your stress, worry or anxiety is affecting you physically and emotionally. Then with treatments and advice on lifestyle changes your package will help you to manage, reduce and maintain these changes for a calmer, more focused and in control you with improved physical and emotional health. 

Treatment packages 1

Click here to see the Treatment Packages. For help taking your first steps to identifying, reducing and managing your stress, anxiety or worry levels contact me to arrange a FREE consultation to discuss which package is right for you. Email or ring  07751 942234.