First Steps to Dealing with Worry

Have you ever felt worried? Felt stressed or anxious? If you answered yes to these questions that’s great!!

That’s because your ‘yes’ answer means you recognised how YOU feel when you are worrying, stressed or anxious. Consciously or unconsciously you want to do something about it before it spirals out of control. But where do you start? Here are 5 things I do when I’m worried and I ask my clients to consider doing them too.

1. Firstly, I take a deep breath in and I tell myself “I am worrying”. By doing this I’m acknowledging it as a feeling just like any other feeling such as happy, sad, feeling tired, anger etc. It’s perfectly fine to feel any of these emotions. Now that I’ve acknowledged it the next step is to do something to disperse the energy that has been created.
2. Going for a walk. I love going for a walk in the park. It clears my mind and helps me put things in perspective as well as blowing the cobwebs away and clearing my mind. If there’s no park near you, take a walk up the street in one direction for 5 minutes and then back again.
3. Break tasks down into small chunks. For example, if I’m looking to run a workshop, I will write an outline of the course, research interest, draft the course content, find the venue, decide a date, advertise the event, complete the course notes. This system can be used for anything from tidying a garage, planning a meal for 20 to studying for an exam.
4. Meditate. I find a simple 5 minute guided meditation or visualisation allows me to put my spiralling thoughts to one side and find a space where I can clear the clutter of my mind. You can find meditations on the internet or get an app for your phone. When you’re working, listen to it during your break.
5. Talk to a friend. I find it good to talk, get things out of my head and to hear my own voice. I have friends who are good listeners and allow me to release my worry by talking. If you don’t have a friend who you think you can do this with, record your thoughts in a journal, do voice recordings on your phone or jot notes down. Try talking to a talking therapist or try a hands-on therapy. Many of my clients find the metamorphic technique, reflexology and reiki great to relieve some of their mental and emotional worries without them having to talk about it.

We all worry from time to time but it’s good to remember, sometimes there’s nothing you can do to change a situation but what you can do is change your thoughts about the situation.

Next time you’re feeling worried stop and decide which direction you want your thoughts to take you.

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