February FHT Talk and Networking Meeting

Topic: New Year, New You
Speaker: Jon Critoph FHT Outreach Manager

Jon has a vast amount of business and therapy knowledge and works in a spiritual way which is reflected in his talks.

If you’re looking for a but of a kick-start for yourself in the company of like-minded people come and join us for this talk.

Jon will draw on a lot of his experience and combine elements from a number of the other talks he offers and of course is particularly applicable to groups at the start of the Year. Like all his talks this is inspiring and gets you to look at things in a different way allowing you to start anew whatever the month.

Many have described this as the best tonic they have had following the climax of Christmas and the New Year celebrations when you enter the few dull cold and dark months before spring brings in the change we all wait eagerly. It may be just the thing you need to get yourself out of the house and mix with other like-minded people.

Jon’s talks are usually well attended so if you would like to come along please let me know by booking in asap.

Click here to download the information leaflet.

Remember, these talks are open to everyone not just FHT members.