Meditation for Beginners

Many people try meditating and say it’s difficult. They say “I can’t get into it” or “it doesn’t work for me”. This is usually because they’re not used to sitting in silence or even just sitting still. They’re always doing something and meditation feels like a waste of time. But […] Read more »

Let it go, let it go

How often do we judge and criticise others or situations and not realise we are doing it? When we find ourselves getting frustrated or impatient with ourselves, other people or situations because things aren’t going as we have planned, we are judging or criticising. We all have our own expectations […] Read more »

Forgiveness is good for you

Forgiveness is usually something we think of as a kind, magnanimous act. An act of compassion towards someone who has wronged or angered us. This is sometime the case but research has revealed great personal benefits to ourselves if we practice forgiveness. According to research, forgiveness is good for the […] Read more »

Reflexology – Good For The Soul

I practice reflexology to help people reduce stress and anxiety and to induce relaxation. Reflexology is an ancient, a non-invasive therapy that treats the whole person. For your treatment you sit reclined on my reflexology chair or lie on my massage couch whilst I work on your feet. This allows […] Read more »

First Steps to Dealing with Worry

Have you ever felt worried? Felt stressed or anxious? If you answered yes to these questions that’s great!! That’s because your ‘yes’ answer means you recognised how YOU feel when you are worrying, stressed or anxious. Consciously or unconsciously you want to do something about it before it spirals out […] Read more »