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IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing Programme

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IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing Programme

In conjunction with Touchline Training we are delighted to bring one of their courses to Solihull. Their IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing Programme – Instructor’s Training Day will take place on Tuesday 21st March 2017
Solihull College Conference Centre For more details click the link below and contact Anne to book…

How do I choose my holistic therapist?

We all like to know that we are in the hands of a professional, caring therapist who is knowledgeable in their field. But with all the therapists out there how do you find the right one for you? When looking for a therapist the first question you should ask yourself…

How can I get a good night’s sleep?

We all need sleep. Sleep is necessary as it gives your body the ability to rest, repair, grow and support your natural biorhythms. In order for our bodies to repair and grow in a 24 hour period a certain number of hours sleep is suggested depending on your age. Babies…

Tackling stress and anxiety with healing hands

Did you see me in the local press recently? I was so pleased when a reporter contacted me out the blue. He had seen my recent posts and was keen to find out more about how I deliver my service to help people reduce their stress and anxiety levels. Here’s

How can reflexology help manage stress levels?

Reflexology is an ancient art dating back thousands of years. It was first practised by the Indian, Chinese and Egyptian peoples. Reflexology works on the principle that all organs and glands of the body are represented by reflex points on the feet, hands and face. By applying pressure to these…

How can I get more out of my health insurance plan?

With the inevitable and fast approaching reduction in the National Health Service (NHS), more and more people are buying health insurance policies. These policies are being bought as a much-needed back-up and to provide peace of mind in the hope that if you are unfortunate enough to have a serious…

How to write affirmations for success

For most people our self-talk about ourselves (our unconscious dialogue) usually leans towards the negatives. I’m too short, I’m too fat, I’m un-fit, I can’t do that, I haven’t got a good memory etc. etc. These thoughts, together with others given to us over the years by parents, family, teachers…

Why you should have a course of treatments

I’ve been working as a complementary therapist for almost 12 years now. Over the years I’ve worked in many different situations, seen hundreds of clients and performed thousands of treatments. I love the variety of each client coming with their own situation, challenges and specific needs. At the start of…

GDPR. Are your ready?

Much of what is being shared and in the press can make this look and seem very scary however there are various steps you can take to work towards compliance. For our next Birmingham East Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) meeting I have invited Jacqueline Leake to come along to…

How stress can show itself

We all encounter stressful situations. Stress is your body’s automatic way of reacting when you are feeling threatened. Stress is a natural reaction and prepares you for ‘flight or fight’. Your nervous system releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to prepare your body for an emergency. Your heart…

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