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Planning, recording & recognising your successes

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Planning, recording & recognising your successes

At the beginning of a new year it’s common to set new year’s resolutions. Planning what you want from the year ahead to get the year off to a good start. If this is something that you do, before starting, it’s useful to reflect on the year gone by. Reflect…

Running on empty? Time to refuel

People come to me in need of an energy boost when they feel they are running on empty. I’m always happy to use my treatments to help with an injection of rest, revitalisation and re-energising. In addition to the treatment, I also suggest ways they can help themselves on a…

What are common signs of stress?

We all experience stress. Sometimes we don’t realise that some of the behaviours, thoughts and feelings we are feeling and displaying could be attributed to being stressed. Here are a few of the signs of stress to look out for in yourself as well as in others. Once you can…

Stress Relief in Sutton Coldfield

Here in Sutton Coldfield the sun has come out for a few days and we all want to be outside enjoying it. Sunshine has the ability to make us feel good and less stressed. In a recent survey over 33% of the British population experiences stressed for one day a…

The many benefits of staying hydrated

Are you drinking enough water? Do you find it difficult to up your intake from one or two small glasses?   This could be due to: #1. You don’t like the taste #2. Too many trips to the toilet #3. You’re too busy and forget   Do you need motivating…

Juices or Smoothies?

Here are some differences between the two To improve your health choose the one that suits you and your lifestyle.                            …

Organic or not?

If you’re trying to have a healthy diet, which incorporates good quality foods,  to go organic or not will at some stage be something to consider. The Soil Association define organic foods as ‘food which is produced using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods on organic farms. These methods are…

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