How can I start feeling like my old self again?

Recently, many people have fallen foul to the flu and other unpleasant viruses going around. Leaving them unable to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holiday season fully.

A trip to the hospital or GP may have resulted in having a course of antibiotics and although you may feel better after 3 days of antibiotics, you are always advised to complete the full course for a full recovery and to feel like your old self again.

I often have people come to me who have been feeling stressed, overwhelmed or they have an injury that just won’t go away. They have been trying to manage the situation by themselves for many weeks before eventually deciding they needed help and made the decision to come to me for a treatment.  Often it is because a friend has recommended me to them having had treatments themselves and suggested they give it a try. They are hoping to find a treatment to end their physical discomfort or emotional stress and for me to fix them. If their situation occurred over several weeks or even months, a course of treatments is usually recommended to help them on the road to recovery.

Taking Care of Yourself

Looking after yourself on a regular basis is so important and something I encourage all my clients to do and having a regular treatment forms part of their self-care routine. What I hear regularly from clients and new enquiries, is they want to feel well and happy, more like their fun-loving, calmer old self, to feel less stressed and to feel better able to cope with the challenges they have in their life.

I find that most of my new clients are now choosing to book one of my courses of treatments – monthly, fortnightly or weekly. This allows them to have regular, pre-booked treatments focusing on maintaining a sense of wellbeing.

Here’s what one client had to say…

#When you decided to start having regular treatments what were the challenges you wanted help with?

“Handling stress and busyness more effectively”.

#How do you feel after having regular treatment sessions?

“My stress is more managed and I pleased I now take regular time out to focus on dealing with my busy lifestyle”.

Are you?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your current life challenges
  • Feeling that work is taking over your life
  • Experiencing physical illness due to life pressures
  • Wanting help to better manage your physical or emotional challenges

Get in touch for a free 20-minute chat to see what treatments will give you the results you’re looking for to transform back to your happier, less stressed self.