Making self-care & me-time part of your routine

Have you been lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a break from your normal routine?

When you do you, upon your return home, you usually feel relaxed and energised both mentally and physically. Being away is a time when you can relax, get some me-time and focus on yourself, your needs, wants and desires. But when your circumstances make it difficult for you to get time away, it’s still important for you to have some me-time. It may require you to be creative and make more of an effort to carve some time out of your day or week for yourself but it’s important that you do so.

Showing yourself the same level of care and kindness that you show to others will stimulate your feel-good hormones and increase your physical and mental energy levels. Being kind to yourself through having me-time should be an essential part of your selfcare routine as it will support your mental and emotional health and increase your feelings of self-worth

To start the process of creating some me-time and start you on the road of regular self-care here’s what you can do: –

  1. recall how good you felt the last time you did something for yourself that made your heart sing

  2. have the desire to want to create those feelings again

  3. make a list of 10 things you like doing, you used to like doing or you would like to try or learn (10 things may seem like a lot but this is to push you and get you thinking)

  4. now choose up-to 3 things from your list that you can do in the next 7-14 days


With a solid reason why you want to do something, together with a can-do attitude you will find a way to make it happen. It may require you to: –

  • think outside the box
  • break it down into small steps to get there
  • seek help from others
  • make changes to your usual routine.

By committing some time to it, however small, you will make it happen.

For some, me-time is perceived as being self-indulgent when there are so many other seemingly more important things to do. For others, they long for some time to call their own but feel they just don’t have the time or energy. Having a holiday or some time away is great but making some time for yourself on a regular basis is important too.

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Small actions repeated consistantly will create habits to strengthen

your feelings of self-worth and self-compassion. Take your first step today.