How can reflexology help manage stress levels?

Reflexology is an ancient art dating back thousands of years. It was first practised by the Indian, Chinese and Egyptian peoples.

Reflexology works on the principle that all organs and glands of the body are represented by reflex points on the feet, hands and face. By applying pressure to these points your body can start the process of balancing and harmonising your systems and organs.
It is a very relaxing, non-intrusive treatment in which you lie on a couch or relax in a chair, remaining fully clothed apart from shoes and socks.
A reflexology treatment is known for having a very relaxing effect on both the mind and body. It’s well documented that our stress and anxiety levels reduce when we are feeling relaxed. Reflexology can help to calm your body and mind, thereby promoting a sense of well-being.

Here are 3 reasons to have a reflexology treatment when you are feeling stressed.

1. For a good night’s sleep

When you are stressed getting a few hours’ sleep can be hard to achieve. During a treatment, your body and mind are able to relax and many people fall into a deeply relaxed state. At the end of the treatment my clients say they feel well rested and report that on the night following their reflexology treatment they slept better than they have done in a long time.

2. For increased focus

When you are stressed you have less oxygen going to your brain and you use up a large proportion of your brain worrying. This leaves you with less capacity for decision making. During a treatment, the brain have time to relax, allowing more capacity to be available for focusing. Clients report that they feel they can focus better on things and have a different perspective on their stressful situation and how to handle it.

3. To increase your energy levels

If stress is allowed to linger it can leave you feeling physically drained. You can feel lethargic and that everything is too much effort. During a treatment, your energy levels can be given a boost by specific reflex points being stimulated. A treatment can help to restore the flow of energy helping to make you feel uplifted, energised and give you relief from some of the heaviness that can be felt when you are stressed.

After a treatment many of my clients say they feel like they are walking on air. They feel refreshed, alert and re-energised.
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