Do you celebrate your successes?

There are still a few more days left of 2016 and what a year it’s been!

During the final countdown many of us will be reminiscing and thinking about how our year has gone – what we have achieved and what hasn’t been so successful.

Throughout the year I try to keep my focus on the positive (which is not always easy) and on what I have achieved. I encourage my clients to do this too, encouraging them not to be so hard on themselves if they don’t succeed at something because there are so many things to recall that they have achieved.

Recently I was shown some tools to use that really work to help me stay on track and focused on the positive. I’m going to pay-it-forward and share some of them with you. So here are 3 activities that help me to stay on track that you could use too.

1. Keep a Diary

At the beginning of each month use this to set some goals for the month. Have some that are big and bold and others are more practical and necessary but they all should be achievable. For me, by putting goals in my diary I get to see them every day which helps me to see what action I am taking to achieve each goal. Also, I get to tick things off as I achieve them.

2. A Success Board

Throughout this year I’ve adding colourful Post-it Notes to a large sheet of A1 paper which I’ve place on a wall. On each Post-it Note I write an achievement and the date. Some are big and easily recognisable as achievements but most are small and seemingly unimportant. By taking the time to identify and recognise your smaller achievements you will build self-confidence and strive towards achieving bigger things. My success board acts as a large visual display of all the things I have achieved and on any off-days I have I look at my board and see how far I’ve come.

3. A Gratitude Diary

I’ve recently started to use one regularly and in it I list 3 things that I am grateful for; again small things as well as large. I start each sentence with “I am grateful for………”. This could be anything from my train arriving on time to a client reporting amazing results from her package of treatments or having electricity to make my morning tea! There have been several studies documenting the mental and emotional health benefits of being grateful and showing gratitude. Take a look at this amazing video about being grateful.

As you reminisce on your 2016, choose to highlight all your achievements. See how far you’ve come and then put some systems in place to record your achievements in 2017. At the end of 2017 when you look back you’ll be surprised at the quantity of your achievements.