Let it go, let it go

How often do we judge and criticise others or situations and not realise we are doing it?

When we find ourselves getting frustrated or impatient with ourselves, other people or situations because things aren’t going as we have planned, we are judging or criticising. We all have our own expectations on how things should or shouldn’t be and sometimes things don’t go as we would like them to.

Our frustrations are usually borne out of our need to control things and we are only prepared to accept the outcome that we envisage. By doing this we are causing ourselves unnecessary frustration. Frustration will have a negative effect on your digestive and nervous systems, causing a rise in high blood pressure and can possibly lead to stress related conditions and depression. If we let go of the need to be right we will be more open to accepting ourselves, others and situations just as they are and deal with them as they present to us, causing ourselves to be less frustrated. So when you find yourself getting frustrated ask yourself:-
“What am I trying to control?” “What am I judging or criticising?”
Then to change your thought process, just sing these few words from the film Frozen….

“Let it go, let it go”; because being right doesn’t matter anyway   🙂

If you need some help letting go, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.